Facebook Introduces Dynamic Ads For Mobile App Installs

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In September, Facebook introduced dynamic ads for retail and store visits optimisations. Now, it’s bringing dynamic ads for mobile app installs as well. 

Research by Gartner shows that, smartphone sales went up 9.7% in Q4 of 2015 – the biggest increase per quarter that year. And that lead to a sharp rise in app installs creating a clear post-holiday spike. So Facebook is banking on this to help advertisers drive app installs with dynamic ads, which were only previously available for retail and store visits optimisations on Facebook Ads.

Dynamic ads for app installs will allow marketers to target people who have recently interacted with their products, and show relevant ads to those users who are more likely to install an app. But to use dynamic ads effectively, marketers have to prioritise three things:

finding customers who take action beyond the install, driving valuable repeat actions (such as in-app purchases) and measuring the value of your marketing.

In the post announcing the feature, Facebook also explained that businesses can use the app event optimisation “to identify the customers who are more likely to take valuable actions after downloading an app—such as completing a level in a game, booking a trip or making a purchase.”

At the moment, over 50% of Facebook‘s top 100 apps are using app event optimisation to find the right people. App remarketing is then used to re-engage people who have already installed and app. This allows marketers to advertise based on what people are browsing. Facebook says “this is critical as more and more people turn to mobile for shopping and purchasing.”

Have you started using app event optimisation and dynamic ads on Facebook?

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