Facebook Reactions Are Now Available Globally

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We’ve been expecting them for a very long time… some with excitement… some with dread.  And they are here. Facebook reactions are now available globally. Confused? Well, don’t be just yet. You will have plenty of time for that.

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Many of us have wanted a “Dislike” button since the Like button came about. Facebook has always said that this wasn’t going to happen, but instead it launched reactions. The idea is simple… Facebook doesn’t just have one Like button anymore. It has a whole range of emotional reactions that you can use to tell people how you feel about a specific post. Facebook explains that it reactions are only an extension of the Like button, “to give you more ways to share your reaction to a post in a quick and easy way”.

Reactions have been launched worldwide so you should be able to see them already in your mobile app (no need to update) or the desktop version on the platform. If you do not see them yet, rest assured that on desktop they will appear at some point soon, and if you don’t see them on your mobile app just fully close that before opening again (you will then see reactions for sure).

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Then long-press on the usual Like button on your app and you will get a pop up with different reactions to use for the specific post. On the desktop version of Facebook you just hover over the Like button. You can only add one reaction to a post, but you can change your reaction as well – just like removing a Like from a post.

My reaction to the new feature, and how this will impact my work? OMG. This is huge. Engagement KPIs, and measuring them, have changed for good. We have entered Facebook‘s era of sentiment analysis. Essentially, now we have six reactions plus comments and shares. Where does the weight lie? Why is Like first? Is it stronger than Love? By the way, Mark Zuckerberg has said that the predominant reaction is “Love” at the moment… Are reactions organised on a scale? If so, shouldn’t Like be first? All these questions are going through my mind right now and I am really trying to make sense of it.

Again… this is huge. We haven’t had such a big change on Facebook since… I can’t. Even. Remember. What do you think?

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