Facebook Punishes Pages That Post Garbage

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Tired of scrolling through your Newsfeed and being bombarded by ugly, nonsensical Memes? Well, that might be coming to an end…

In late August of 2013, Facebook announced a new change in its algorithm that increases the visibility of content that is posted by Pages in a timely way, is relevant and seen as sharable. Effectively, it will reward quality instead of quantity.

So, how has this come about?

Facebook conducted a survey asking users what they thought made a Page-post worth seeing. After taking users’ feedback into consideration, they built a better learning-engine algorithm that can distinguish between high and low-quality posts, and can then make the the best ones visible, higher in the Feed.

This means that Pages that continue posting Memes (you know, those images with overlaid text), will be “punished” slightly, and they will notice a drop in their “visibility” on the Newsfeed. In a nutshell, create posts with a great content that is worth being shared, and Facebook will show it to more users. Create posts with crappy images that shout for attention, and Facebook will punish you. Simple.


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