Facebook Now Has Its Own Card Game

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Facebook is already everywhere in our lives, but one area it has yet to reach, was the time when we are offline… Until now, because Facebook has just released a deck of playing cards in the UK. Yes, real playings cards.

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There are many different types of playing cards out there. Many brands have used them as marketing support, printing their logos on the back of the cards for example. But no-one – to the extent of my knowledge – has ever used playing cards quite in the same way as Facebook has.

With the help of Human After All, a London based creative agency, Facebook has created a full deck of playing cards to help agencies access marketing insights that will help them make the best use of the platform in their specific countries. Each deck is personalised with fun illustration and packaged in a standard card box.

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Each card presents a market fact or an insight on Facebook itself. For example, one card explains that there were 96,2 million interactions about Halloween on the platform in 2014. Another states that new parents spend on average 1.6 times more time on their mobile than other users.

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Facebook has sent over 1,000 decks to agencies worldwide, targeting the UK, France, Italy and Spain heavily.

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