Facebook Messenger’s M Personal Assistant Adds More Suggestions

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M – Facebook Messenger’s AI personal assistant – now comes with more Suggestions for its users. Suggestions are a relatively new feature launched in April to iOS and Android that allow them to receive AI-powered action recommendations, based on their conversations.

Sending stickers, sharing your location, or starting a poll for example. As users chat on Messenger, they could get actionable ideas on other things to do. In all, six suggestions were made available in April. Apart from the aforementioned three, users can also get to decide upon making plans, paying or requesting money, or getting a ride.

Now, another three have been launched. Saving content, wishing people a happy birthday, and initiating voice and video calls. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Saving content: M will now suggest that users can save content in Messenger that they can either read, watch, or share, later. Messenger’s Saved extension now also allows you to share content in one-on-one or group messages.

Wishing people a happy birthday: From now on, M will send you a suggestion to send someone a birthday greeting while you’re having a conversation with them. The greeting could be a sticker, a wish, a video or a card etc, complete with colourful effects.

Initiating voice and video calls: If someone in a conversation says something like “call me,” M will bring up the suggestion based on this.

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Finally, in addition to the new suggestions available to all in the US, suggestions will now be also available in Spain as well – in English, and in Spanish.

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