Facebook Messenger Bots Can Now Send You Ads

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Chatting with a Messenger bot will probably end with it trying to sell you something. This was always kind of expected, right? But now, Messenger Bots will have a 24-hour window when they are allowed to push promotional content to your inbox.

Chat bots have literally been taking over Messenger since they first appeared. And now that they accept payments, there is no reason why this would change over the coming months. Not before something better comes around anyway. And now bots can go as far as sending you personalised promotional messages.

The ban on promotional content was lifted by Facebook as part of a wider change of rules for Messenger. Starting immediately, brands who have created “standard messaging” can send you promotional content or ads. But they only have a 24-hour window after your last “chat” to do so, and you – the user- will have had to initiate the conversation first.

Not all bots are relate to the new rule. “Subscription messaging” bots – meaning bots that send you messages on an going basis after your approval, like news bots for example – and other “service”bots – the ones sending you receipts or flight notifications for example – are exempt from the 24-hour window limit.

What do you think of this update? Another step towards the commercialisation of chat bots?

Featured Image: TechCrunch

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