Facebook Mentions App For Verified Users, Launched On Android

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You may have heard of it, but chances are you haven’t actually used it. Facebook has an app for its verified users (celebrities, musicians, actors, etc) that allows them engage with followers more easily and in different ways. It’s called Mentions, and it’s been around for nearly a year and a half on iOS. Now, it’s finally available on Android!

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Over a year ago, Mentions launched to celebrities in the US – This summer, it added live video features. By the autumn of 2015, all verified users across the globe were able to use it.

Facebook Mentions is an app that helps verified users interact with their followers by updating their status, posting images, doing live video streaming and more. Verified users, mainly public figures – people who would generally like to keep their personal lives totally separate from their public Facebook profile can interact with their followers instead of letting all their real friends know about it all the time.


It also makes it easier for them to stay on top of their Instagram account as Mentions supports posting on both platforms at the same time.

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There are no clear statistics that show who and how many of Facebook’s verified users use it, but I can’t help but think of whether they actually need it. With at least one of the touted “exclusive features” of Mentions – the ability to live stream – having been opened up to all Facebook users, Mentions’ most useful feature seems to be the the ability to post on Instagram and Facebook from the same app. It saves at least one person from having to log out of Instagram and then back in again as a different user.

Although Android users should actually have multiple Instagram logins by now…

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