Facebook Live Video Gets More Immersive, Enjoyable, And Longer

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Facebook is putting a lot of energy into Live, and it isn’t afraid to show it! The feature is probably one of the most important in the company’s arsenal at this point – after VR of course. The company is bringing yet another update in the hopes of luring more users away from Periscope/Twitter and make Live more immersive and enjoyable.

The updated version will allow you to stream in full-screen mode, for up to 4 hours and while being able to hide reactions and comments during your live stream. Thank you, Facebook.

Let’s have a look.

1. Go Full Screen

Yes, you can finally live stream in full-screen mode. Although this might not seem like much to you at first, going full-screen does help you understand better what your viewers are seeing, allowing you to work more on your environment, your framing, etc…

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iOS users are lucky as they get the full experience, being able to stream both in portrait and landscape. Android users only get to use portrait at this point…


2. Moderate

It was an expected move from Facebook, weeks after Periscope started offering moderation during live broadcasts.

Starting immediately, both streamers and viewers can now moderate reactions and comments during live streams. This is especially useful as trolling is rife out there.

And this not only can make the live experience better, it will surely also have an impact on replays as Facebook uses reactions to show your future viewers when a video is most engaging (read more here).

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3. Stream For Longer

Finally, the third update concerns the length of the live streaming itself. With up to four hours per session you can now seriously consider having your own TV program on Live. This was a request by many publishers and users, and now Facebook has given them the best answer.

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The updates haven’t reached everyone just yet, but we will be updating you as soon as we get some more info.

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