Facebook Live Is Now Available On The Spaces Beta VR App

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The Facebook Spaces VR app now also gives you the ability to go Live. Also, there’s a summer sale on Rift and Touch, if you’re interested in getting in to VR!

In April, Facebook launched Spaces, a VR app that allows you to hang out with your friends and family in VR. Now, it’s bringing Facebook Live to the app beta, just in time for its “Summer of Rift” sale which can put┬áRift and Touch in your hands for as little as $399. Sharing the magic of VR (and Live) just got a little more affordable. If of course you’ve got the hardware to run it.

Live in Spaces gives your “friends a window into your virtual exploits,” allowing you to “engage with them in real time.” Your friends can in turn comment and react on your screen in VR, also giving you the ability to grab comments and move them around. If there wasn’t already a great way for people to “spend quality time together,” Facebook has done this in VR.

I can only imagine that this feature will be available – or useful – for a very small subset of people, no matter how cool it sounds. Because, to be honest, connecting in VR is not in any shape or form, “meaningful.”

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In the newsroom post announcing the new feature, Mike Booth, head of product management for Facebook Spaces explains that

Facebook Live is already one of the most immediate and interactive ways to share moments with friends,

So, by going live from the Spaces app, you get a whole new way to do it. And people can follow along in VR. Facebook has had a hard time getting VR off the ground with a big enough audience (probably because its still so expensive for most users, but is really making an effort trying to get Rift in many more hands. As I mentioned earlier,┬áRift + Touch is currently available at $399 for a limited time – adding live to Spaces could also convince a few more.

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