Facebook Launches Local Insights For Local Businesses

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Facebook’s Page Insights are great to find out about the people that are interested in your brand. But what if a local business wanted to find out more about the people nearby? Because understanding your audience helps you cater for it better, right? Well, Facebook is now launching Local Insights for Local businesses.

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Say you wanted to find out which the busiest times of the day or the busiest times of the week. Now you can have a look at Local Insights and get “aggregate demographics associated with the people nearby”, allowing you know people a lot better and allow you to serve them better. They allow you to know when people are more likely to visit your business and some things about their age and gender, and whether they are tourists or local residents. Knowing who the people are in your vicinity allows you to connect with them with the right marketing activities.

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It’s a “no brainer” that Local Insights will be used heavily by the same businesses that will be using Local Awareness Ads and the new functionalities added to them recently. Advertisers will see the percentage of people in their vicinity who have seen their ads, thus providing important knowledge on the need to optimise their campaigns. Optimising their campaigns and being able to reach more people nearby will hopefully then lead to them accomplishing their business goals more effectively.


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If Local Insights sound scary to you, Facebook assures users that they were built with “privacy as a top priority and only includes data from people who have location services enabled to show trends about people near businesses”.  Data is of course anonymous and Insights only include aggregate data, percentages and not absolute numbers. Local Insights will be available to Pages in the US in the next few weeks.

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