Facebook Is About To Launch A Massive Facebook Live Ad Campaign

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If paying celebrities, content creators and influencers millions of dollars to use Facebook Live wasn’t enough, Facebook is about to run a massive campaign for Live.

Many platforms have been trying to gain superiority with their live streaming offerings. It’s only Facebook though, that has been injecting this much cash into its Live product. We know that the company is already paying others to use it and create content for it, but now it is about to launch “a major ad campaign” to promote Live.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the campaign – created by The Factory, Facebook’s in-house ad studio – will be played on TV and appear on billboards (ironic) to try to increase the use of Live among the platform’s 1.7 billion users. The idea is to try to activate a healthy portion of those users – ordinary users who do not go live very often.

The ad campaign will concentrate on showing people what’s possible with Live, and explain to them how the feature actually works. This will be done by curating videos that have been posted to Facebook in the past. From this, and its previous moves with Live, it’s obvious how much effort Facebook is putting into video in general and Live in particular.

It’s clear that Facebook’s mantra is “video, video, video” and this is definitely what we expect from Facebook in the next year. New ways for users to create and consume video, whether it’s pre-recorded, live, or 360.

Facebook hasn’t actually confirmed the existence of the campaign, but that doesn’t mean anything, right?

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