Facebook Is The Most Frequently Used Platform

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Facebook is the largest social network. With over 1 billion active users, no one argues that. But a recent research from GWI shows that Facebook is also the most frequently used platform.

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The survey was conducted among social media users aged 16-64 and was looking at how often these people log in onto the different social platforms.

Facebook (of course) came out on top with over 54% of active users logging in more than once a day.  More surprisingly in fact, is that Facebook comes on top of Instagram and Twitter, two networks that are especially known for their reactivity and frequency of use.

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LinkedIn came in last with only 13% of its active users visiting the platform multiple times per day. A a professional networking platform, it actually makes sense, but as the news sharing platform it times to be, this does not look so good for LinkedIn.

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How often do you log in on social media platforms per day?

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