Facebook Is Still Outranking Google In Terms Of Ad CTR

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Yes, we know that Facebook is currently the most effective advertising platform. This is due to the company’s dedication in the last few years to creating great ad products for advertisers big or small. According to Adobe Digital Index research, Google still hasn’t been able to catch up.

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All impressions were not created equal. Quality impressions are much more likely to lead to conversions – this we know. And Facebook has been concentrating on providing advertisers with just that – making it easier and easier to target the right people, at the right time, in the right place. This is obviously paying off, according to new research from Abobe Digital Index.

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In it’s Digital Advertising and Social Intelligence Report for Q3 of 2015, Adobe looked at 900 billion impressions and compared them on search and social platforms, as well as visit data from social media, and found that Facebook ad impressions rose 10% between Q2 and Q3. Revenue per visit from ads rose on – Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit. Facebook outranked them all with $1.24 revenue per visit! Pinterest ($0.74) came in second Twitter ($0.60) third, and Reddit fourth ($0.57).


Similarly, Facebook’s ad CTR growth was 35% in the last year, whereas Google’s was only 25%. That’s a full ten point difference, which should really get Google thinking hard about it’s ad product lineup. Facebook has consistently shown that it can reach more relevant audiences, and on the devices that they are on. The same study showed that desktop and tablet traffic from social media did rise, but smartphone traffic doubled! It is well-known that a huge percentage of Facebook users visit the platform on their smartphones.

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