Facebook Is Expanding Conversion Lift Measurement

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Facebook launched conversion lift measurement over a year ago, to help advertisers better track conversions instead of clicks alone. Now, it is expanding the feature to many more advertisers, helping them more accurately measure ad performance on the platform.

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You might have never even heard of conversion lift, so let me give you a run down. Essentially, it is a way of measuring the effectiveness or impact of Facebook ads in driving conversions. When creating a Facebook campaign two groups of users are created. Those who have seen an ad and those who have not. Those two control groups are analysed in terms of conversions – data is gleaned from the advertiser’s custom audiences pixel, a conversion pixel, or data from POS. Then, Facebook shares the results of the test in the advertiser’s ad manager, after analysing conversions from both groups.

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So far, Facebook has run conversion lift measurements on over 1,000 businesses in over 10 industries. Today, the program is expanding to many more. And that is great news! As the company explains

To help more advertisers of all kinds understand the real impact their ads have on their business, we are starting tests to make lift measurement more widely available. Through our tests, select advertisers will be able to run lift measurement studies through APIs (application-programming interfaces), Facebook Marketing Partners and measurement partners.

By allowing ad performance lift measurement by partners, many more advertisers will have the benefits of this data. Advertisers will soon be able to see which ads people saw or clicked on before converting. So, it’s not only about what ads lead to conversions straight away, but also about the ads that pushed users towards conversion. This will be available very soon, and advertisers will be informed when they can use it.

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