Facebook Introduces New Tools And Features For Group Admins

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In June, Facebook hosted its Communities Summit, and has since been working on new tools to help groups grow and to help admins manage them more effectively. Now, it’s launching some of these. 

Facebook has been emphasising the increasing importance of groups on its platform – constantly adding features and developing tools that make it easier for admins to effectively manage their communities. When Facebook’s Community Summit took place in Chicago earlier this year, the social network was able to glean important insights on the changing needs of group admins on the platform – so, it has been “building tools and programs that will help them grow and manage their communities,” ever since.

Here are the latest ones, rolling out to group admins.

Welcome Posts

Welcome posts are made especially to help admins welcome new members to a group – because, as Facebook explains, “making them feel supported is critical to building community.”

When admins create welcome posts, new group members are automatically tagged for ease.


Now there’s a way for group members to identify other members and group admins. Additionally, badges also show who are group moderators and new group members.

Member Profiles

Facebook found that many group members read group posts by other members and then visit their profiles to get to know them. Now, when clicking on a member’s name will bring up a so-called “member profile,” which is essentially a “group-specific profile, based on publicly-available information like things they may share in common.”

Additionally, they also get to see a feed of the other member’s activity in the group.

Expanded Group Insights

The Group Insights tool will now include helpful personalized tips –  i.e the ability to schedule posts at times when members are most engaged.

Member Management Tools

It’s hard to manage members who have “forgotten group rules of conduct,” so Facebook is bringing new tools to help admins manage them. Admins can now either “temporarily turn off a member’s ability to comment and post,” or simply “remove members who violate rules” from multiple groups. All, with a single click.

In addition to the above, Facebook wants to continue building relationships with group admins. So it’s announcing an invite-only group for admins to help them connect with community leaders “share feedback about their experiences,” and get the support they need to better serve their communities. Facebook also announced that it’s creating programs that will help leaders meet and keep the connections going. More information about these programs will follow soon.

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