Driving Engagement With Long-Form Video on Facebook

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Video is steadily becoming the most successful content type on social media, and most social platforms are investing heavily in developing the best social video features. Shorter videos are always more engaging, but how about driving engagement with long-form? In the infographic below, Adaptly gives us some tips on how to do so.

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There are currently over 1.9 billion smartphone users, and viewing content from a mobile device has gone up significantly in the last few years. Also, 70% of video views on Facebook come from mobile. Facebook is becoming a huge power in video, with over 8 billon videos viewed every day and more advertisers poised to run more video ads on Facebook than “on any other network”. So, it’s only logical that brands should be looking toward video in order to succeed.

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The infographic below, is based on a study conducted by Adaptly and Refinery29 to test two different approaches to driving people to consume and engage with long-format video. The study found that

  • – Trailers increased the view rate by 6%
  • – Subtitles increased the like rate of long-form video by 29%
  • – Subtitles also increased the comment rate and share rate of long-form video by 29% and 26% respectively
  • – Finally, subtitles increased completion rate but did not change view rate

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After testing four different conditions, the the study found that the combination of not showing a trailer but using subtitles brought the best results. Completion and engagement was the highest for “No Trailer, with Subtitles” at 0.39%, but the lowest was “Trailer, No Subtitles” at 0.10%.

Take a closer look at the infographic below


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