Donate Your Twitter Followers To Help Farmers Across Africa

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“Donating money to charity is so last century.” This tagline is from #OneBigTweet, an online activation that wants you to donate your Twitter followers so they can raise more funds to support tea and coffee farmers in Africa.

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It might sound strange at first: a charity that doesn’t want your money… just your Twitter followers. But if you take a minute to think about it, the idea is very simple. Cafédirect Producer’s Foundation – a charitable organisation that supports local farmers across Africa – wants to make a tweet so big that it can auction it for charity. 

Really, it is simple, and this probably why we talk about social currency.

The more people who “donate” their followers, the more reach – and hence social influence value – the #OneBigTweet will have. And it will then be auctioned for real money that will be used to support farmers.

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When you sign up on their site (and agree to donate your followers), you basically allow the #OneBigTweet to be auto-retweeted from your account. There is no catch, they will do it only once, and they won’t mess with your account, your tweets, or your followers.



Also, because Cafédirect Producer’s Foundation is a serious and recognised UK charity, you can be sure that they will be careful with their choice of the tweet that will become the #OneBigTweet.

So far, #OneBigtweet has already gained access to 1,252,233 followers on Twitter – an action value of over $18,000!

And there is another fun reason to donate your followers: once you do so, you will find out how much value they hold. Mine (I have about 17,000 followers) are worth around $257. That’s already a pretty good contribution, no?

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Also, as a last step, you will be invited to help convince big Twitter celebs – Leonardo DiCaprio for example – to take part too.

What are your followers worth?

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