Do You Remember YouTube’s Webcam Capture Feature?

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If your answer is no, then you shouldn’t feel ashamed or anything. Apparently, the feature was not a “hit” among YouTube users, so the social network is putting it to rest.

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The feature, in fact, is pretty old. It’s been on the platform since 2006. When selecting it, users had the opportunity to record directly from their webcam and upload it straight to YouTube, without having to wait for the actual upload.

As reports claim, during the past few days, each time a user clicks on the Webcam Capture feature, a warning message appears that says that the feature will not be available from January 16, 2016. A reason why this is happening? Low adoption rates by users. But there could be another factor that accounts for the demise of the feature: It is using Adobe Flash technology.

As we all know, the web is on a crusade to eliminate flash from tis webpages. It’s true, Adobe is not versatile and not supported by mobile devices, so it makes sense for developers and social media platforms to prefer HTML5 over it. Preserving legacy features that use older technology is not really helping platforms move forward, right?

YouTube has been gradually ceasing all support to Flash videos, since January 2015. Will it replace the feature with a new, HTML5 one? For the time being this doesn’t seem like an option.

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