You Can Now Create Twitter Moments On Your Phone

by • December 6, 2016 • Breaking News, TwitterComments Off on You Can Now Create Twitter Moments On Your Phone3390

Twitter is finally bringing Moments creation to our phones, almost two months after it made the feature available on desktop! 

Moments is the best way to tell a story on Twitter. It allows you to bring together Tweets, yours or someone else’s, to build a real storyline, and share your perspective.

Until now you could only view Moments on your phone, not actually create them. But starting immediately, Twitter now lets you add any Tweet you like to your Moments, directly from your phone. On both Android and iOS. To do so, just tap on the downward facing arrow of any Tweet, and select “add to Moment.”

Twitter is without a doubt a mobile-first platform, and it makes sense to bring the feature to mobile users. One could almost wonder why Twitter hadn’t started there…

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