The Magic Behind The Carolina Panthers’ Storytelling On Twitter

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You have been told: storytelling is at the heart of successful social media marketing. And if you didn’t believe it until now, this Twitter story by the Carolina Panthers might just convince you.

Some often say that the best marketing is when you are not looking for anything other than to create a bond and an emotional connection with your consumers – not trying to sell them anything, not looking to make them register for an event, and not even asking them to do anything.

The social media managers of the Carolina Panthers, the NFL team based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, have just put all of us to shame. For three days, they patiently crafted every Tweet, to build a story like no other, one word at a time. Literally. Their objective was nothing more than to make us smile. But of course, it made us love them, follow them even. Out of a nice bit of creative storytelling, the Carolina Panthers became a Twitter sensation, and that’s all that matters.

Below is a collection of 40+ tweets that seem to be totally what you would expect to find on the twitter account of an NFL team. Yes, but together, they make up one of the best creative storylines I have seen on the platform.


Got it? If not, here is a clue for you…

Featured image: Davis Turner/Getty Images


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