Can This App Put An End To Bullying?

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With the rise of social media networks, we have been witnesses to various instances of cyber bullying. The safety and relative anonymity that a screen provides, can at times be the perfect field for unkindness and nasty behaviours to grow.

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This is why a Swedish insurance company created an app that aims at eliminating bullying and profanity, before they leave one’s phone. The app called Fulfiltret, currently has a database of almost two thousand bad words that, once detected on your messages, are turned into nice words.

The overall functionality is pretty simple. Users can download the app, and as soon as it’s installed, they can start typing their messages. From that point on, each time the app detects profanity or an unkind word in general, it replaces it with a nice, positive word, thus changing the meaning of the text. According to the description of the app “Profanity, name-calling and taunts are replaced with compliments, good wishes and happy thoughts”.

wersm fulfiltret bad nice words

And while the app may not bring a radical solution to the ever growing problem of online bullying, it could help shift behaviours and bring more awareness to the issue.

You can see more info in the following video and you can also download the app on Apple Store and Google Play.

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