Burger King Makes You Click Your Way To A Full Size Whopper

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Burger King France has been one of the most creative brands on Facebook over the recent years, thanks to the genius of its agency, Buzzman. They made you navigate through social platforms to discover the longest burger ever made, they brought to you the tallest-ever burger on Instagram, and now they are making us click and click again to make our way to a full size Whopper. And that is an engagement masterpiece.

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How many clicks are you prepared to make to find your way to a delicious Whopper? Burger King France reckons you would go through at least 9 of them, as long as you get something out of each and every one of them.

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The adventure begins with this post on their Facebook page, which shows you a small Whopper in the background. It invites you to click to bring it closer. Each time you click, you are being redirect to another Facebook post where the burger gets a little bit closer. The last post simply invites you to visit one of Burger King’s restaurants. Amazing.

It’s a simple idea, but after a few clicks, you are definitely engaging with the content and the brand behind it, and that is all the genius of this idea! And of course, the campaign is engaging, without the slightest need for paid media support. 

Here is a concentrated version of the campaign:

wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-1 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-2 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-3 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-4 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-5 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-6 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-7 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-8 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-9 wersm-clic-whopper-facebook-burger-king-10

This campaign was created by Georges Mohammed-Chérif, founder and creative director of Buzzman France. Come and meet Georges at our upcoming event #BeatTheBuzz, in London, on April 14th.

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