BFF Trump Could Be The Most Hilarious Chatbot Out There

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It could also be the most WTF chatbot as well… depends how you look at it. In my humble opinion it’s an interesting depiction of modern society. But philosophy aside, you should all check the bot BFF Trump has created.

You don’t have to do anything specific. Just visit the page and attempt to hold a conversation. The chatbot will fire away famous quotes by The Donald. Wanna hear about The Mexicans? Or maybe The Donald himself? Go ahead, brace yourselves, wear your protective gear and give it a try.

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Also, bear in mind that after each chat, the bot will give you three options: Learn more on the subject, try a new one, or a “Really?!” option, for all those finding it hard enough to believe some of Trump’s opinions. That option will redirect them to the corresponding YouTube video, article, or proof, in an attempt to rid you of all disbelief.

I did. Here are the results. You have been warned.

wersm BFF Trump chat botwersm BFF Trump chat bot screenshot 2


Image courtesy of BFF Trump.

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