Facebook Makes Ads Automation Easier Than Ever

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Facebook advertisers are fuelling its ad platform with hefty budgets, so every little thing that can help us allocate and manage them more efficiently, has our support.

The latest feature in Facebook’s “ads arsenal” is here to help you identify and manage underperforming ad sets and ads. We first started testing this new functionality ourselves recently, and we’re very pleased with the results.

Facebook has debuted a simple way to create rules and to benchmark your ad sets and adverts against them. Depending on the objectives, you can turn your ads on or off or adjust the bid or the overall spend, once the criteria you set are met.

Moreover, Facebook provides you with the opportunity to receive alerts as well as manage the rules you set, so that you have greater control over your campaign’s objectives and performance.

This is a great tool for social managers as well as clients, especially when multiple campaigns and ad sets are running concurrently. With this feature, Facebook automatically optimises the serving of your ads, without keeping you hooked on your screen. It’s the little tweaks that make all the difference!

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