Any Guesses On How Many Emojis Are Sent on Messenger Every Day?

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It’s World Emoji Day today, and social networks are celebrating. Facebook and Messenger in particular! After all, billions of emojis are sent every day on the platforms!

Any guess how many emojis are used on Facebook every day – or how are sent on Messenger? Well, it’s World Emoji Day (hint: it’s a big day at Facebook) and you get to find out if you guessed right. Would you be surprised to know that over 60 million emojis are used on Facebook each day? While that’s an incredible number, what about the 5 billion emojis that are sent by Messenger users in the same period? I think it’s safe to say that emojis are a major part of our everyday communication online. Their proliferation (and that of reactions) show just how much this is the case.

So, what are the most-used emojis? In the U.S. during the last month, the top emoji was ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) on Facebook, while “face throwing a kiss” was the most-used on Messenger. I can understand why. We are more likely to blow kisses in private, right? Overall, around the world, “face with tears of joy” was the most-used emoji – while “smiling face with heart-shaped eyes” and “face throwing a kiss” were runners up.

On Messenger, things were very similar, with “face with tears of joy” in the top spot, then “face throwing a kiss,” and “face with heart-shaped eyes” in second and third. Have a look at the infographic supplied by Facebook. ;-)

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