Amazon Adds Social Features To Its iOS App

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Amazon has added a social element to its iOS app. It’s called Spark, and it helps you find things on Prime that you can share with others, or buy. 

Social sells. Read that bold statement again, and then continue reading. Yes, you read that correctly. “Social sells.” I am referring to the fact that while we don’t actually buy things off social networks, we know that their influence helps us make purchasing decisions. So, what better place to add social functionality, than an app dedicated to shopping? Cue, Amazon Spark – a place that allows shoppers to find things to buy and thing to share with their friends.

Amazon Spark is a Pinterest-like feature within Amazon’s main iOS app – accessible from the “Programs and Features” section – that allows users to discover new products that they will love, just by adding their interests once they start using it.

It is open to all Amazon customers in the US (iOS only), but to contribute they will need to have a paid Prime membership. Users can shop directly from within their feed by tapping on product photos or links, but they can also interact with other users, simply by commenting on posts or adding a smile to them.

As is the case on all social networks, to post something one must simply scroll to the top, and use the posting form. Information on Spark is completely public, so privacy conscious users should avoid it. Of course, users’ purchase history is totally private as usual, but public reviews are also shown to all if the right privacy settings are selected.

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