A Dating App Hijacked A Wedding Weekend And It Was A Success

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If you’ve ever been invited to a wedding and attended solo, then you probably know that it can get awkward around the singles table.  

Then again, according to Hinge, a dating app for the little Ted Mosby we all hide inside, weddings are the perfect opportunity to meet your better half (or at least something close to it.) So, the masterminds behind Hinge suggested using the busy weekends of July to play matchmaker, and grow the app’s appeal.

Where? On Snapchat of course. Hinge deployed its Geofilters on the platform to 25 weddings in eight states across the U.S. for the weekend of 22 and 23 of July. The Geofilters were specifically designed for those attending solo, blissfully sipping their bubbly at the “Singles Table”.


The results, according to Hinge were very encouraging: 1,500 people saw the Geofilters during the weddings, with around 10% using them for their own photos. While these numbers may not look impressive, they are: Hinge’s core demographic lies in the 26-32 age group, and considering both the longevity of the campaign (not that long, really) and Snapchat’s popularity in the specific age group (maybe too old for this?), one might say that this was indeed an impressive number to yield for an app with minimal media budget.

Moreover, Hinge saw a 60% increase in the hours prior to the release of the Geofilters. Putting everything into context, it sounds like a very brave campaign, right?

Image courtesy of AdAge.

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