30 Reasons Why Pinterest Will Rule Social Media

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When you talk to a client about getting him set on social media, you will almost always automatically hear back: Yes, let’s create a Facebook page. While Facebook is probably a great idea in most cases, this is to forget that other platform, and especially Pinterest, are growing fast.

Actually, in this post we make a case that Pinterest may well rule social media in the years to come!

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If you are still not convince of the power of the social pinning board, check out this very good infographic from our friends at Omnicore. They make a really good case that Pinterest has really picked up the pace and is here to rule over all the other social media tools.

What to Remember

  • – Pinterest has 70 million users
  • – Pinterest traffic has grown by 125% in 2013
  • – Pinterest users stay on the site for 15,8 minutes on average
  • – 83% of its users are women
  • – The top 3 categories of Pins are Cooking&Dining, DIY&Craft and Health
  • – Pinterest is the leading referral site for e-commerce

Are you looking for more reasons to love Pinterest? Great, here is the infographic!


What is your experience as a Marketer with Pinterest?

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