10 Ways to Improve Engagement on Facebook

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Facebook is great to engage with your consumers and an excellent platform to create constructive conversation with the people who really matter to your business. But you are maybe not satisfied with the level of engagement you are getting right now. Well don’t despair, we have here 10 tips you can start applying now and you shall soon see an engagement boost on your Facebook page:

  1. Be yourself – be true, be open, show your personality
  2. Ask questions – questions drive interaction by up to 20%. Ask your fans anything related to your brand or better, related to them.
  3. Use images – Facebook, like most online platform, is very visual. Add images to your updates, they can boost engagement by up to 39%
  4. Inside Look – These people love your brand, give them some insider information, they will love you for doing so.
  5. Stay specific – get to know your audience and stay relevant
  6. Fan originated content – use the content your fans create for you, it shows appreciation.
  7. Keep it simple – the simpler, the better. Shorter and clearer posts are the ones that get the most engagement
  8. Be persistent – good things come to those who wait, and those that stick to the plan
  9. Spread the love – everybody loves to be loved, right? Show some love to your fans, they will love you back
  10. Have fun – yes, social media should stay fun. It is not another formal channel of communication, it is a real conversation

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Social Clinch made it easier for you and summarized all these points into one great infographic:


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