10 Visual Marketing Trends To Consider In 2017

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Visual content has never been as important as it is today; adopted by all but a few specific social networks and most brands, it’s certainly the top way we communicate on the Internet. So, marketers are responding, using the medium more and more in their marketing activities. 

Venngage conducted a survey of 300 marketers – finding that visual content is constantly on the rise across all platforms – 130% over the last year. Over half of the survey participants (53%) said that between 91 and 100% of the content they create is visual. Also, over 90% of participants said that they used it in over half of their posts. As such, it certainly makes up the core of any marketing efforts.

However, marketers also seem a bit “lazy” – with 71.1% saying that they spend fewer than 5 hours a week on visual content, it’s hardly a surprise that they use a lot of stock photography. 35% of participants say that they often used stock images, despite only 8% of them getting engagement from them. The use of stock images points to the fact that 31.2% of participants spend less than 10% of their budget on producing visual content.

Types of visual content like infographics (45%), charts and data visualisations (25%), or videos and presentations (20.2%) were also found to be engaging. One of the main challenges for over a third of marketers (36.7%), is being able to consistently create engaging visual content.

Still, when asked about the importance of visual content, 60% said that it was “absolutely necessary,” whereas 31% said it was still “very important.”

Have a look at the rest of the insights analytically, below!

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