10 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Visual Creativity

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Over the last few years, Instagram has become the social network of reference for photographers, graphic designers, and other visual creatives.

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Today, it is a great platform to find inspiration, and some accounts are especially good at boosting our visual creativity.

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Here is a list of 10 of our favourites:


Ioana is an architect from Romania and her thing is to create art from different objects, before uploading the results on Instagram of course. Lately, she definitely is into spoons.

A photo posted by Ioana (@ioanavanc) on


Olaf is a food Instagrammer. Except that his take is totally different than the usual “make my food look nice” approach. He also shoots other objects that he finds in his daily surroundings.

A photo posted by obreu (@olafbreuning) on


Abbas Space, is a creative designer, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. His Instagram account is a mix of design, amazing photography and strange objects.

A photo posted by Create. (@abbasspace) on


Peechaya Burroughs is an artist from Sydney, Australia. Her photographs mainly consist of things that she creates or manipulates by hand.


Antihuman Ghosh is an Instagrammer from South Africa. His art consists of creating a quirky little imaginary world based around his iPhone.

A photo posted by Anshuman Ghosh (@moography) on


Eda Dürüst is a digital artist, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. From her home in London, she designed and created an app that plays music based on your mood.

A photo posted by Eda Dürüst (@edadurust) on


Asanomakoto is an artist from Japan. His art? Sculpting things out of ice cream! And he is pretty good at it!

A photo posted by @asanomakoto (@asanomakoto) on


Tal Spiegel is a Chef pâtissier, based in Paris. As you can imagine, his take on Instagram is all about chocolate and other sweet desserts… But he also seems to have an awesome collection of shoes!


Jacqueline Poirier is the resident artist at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. And she has a thing for plates apparently.


We kept the cutest one for the end. Loïc is a young self taught illustrator from Switzerland. His drawings make most of what he posts on his Instagram, but we absolutely love it!

A photo posted by @apredart on

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