YouTube Adds Loop Functionality To Videos

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There are many reasons someone might want to loop a video on YouTube. You like the video a little too much – or the song that’s playing in the background. My neighbour does this all the time. Or you’re torturing someone with sound. Or both. In any case, if you want to loop a YouTube video, now you can do it easily on the platform itself.

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It’s unknown when this functionality was actually activated, but it’s here. So, there’s actually no need for those videos on YouTube that go on and on and on and on for 10 hours. No need. Also, there’s no need for a browser extension that will repeat your video. It’s all done easily on YouTube itself.

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Just go onto YouTube, select the video you want to loop, and right-click on the video. The usual little menu will pop up and all you have to do is select the loop option. Then, you simply wait for the magic. Your video will loop over and over to your heart’s content. You can only do this on the desktop version of YouTube. It’s not available on the mobile apps on iOS or Android just yet.

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