You Can Now Notify A Few Friends When You Post On Facebook

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With many people complaining about organic reach dropping on Facebook and the platform increasingly becoming pay to play, we hardly hear about features to help people get their posts seen by the people who would really care. Obviously, mentioning a few friends in a post has them notified, but that’s a bit messy, right?

I’ve just spotted a new feature on Facebook that allows users to “Notify a few friends” when they post something.

“Facebook must read my mind”… that’s what I thought yesterday when I posted a video from YouTube (it wasn’t available natively) and a message appeared below my post…

Notify a few friends about this post

with a Get Started CTA next to it…

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 22.42.23

Naturally, I clicked on it, and found that I could simply type in the names of up to ten different friends in the field, to have Facebook notify them of my post. Now, not only my latest post, but all that I have posted have the same little message below them. So, this feature doesn’t just apply only to the latest one.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.48.16

I don’t actually know how the result looked on their end (I am planning on asking them), but my guess is that it simply shows up as a normal notification in their News Feed. It could also go right to the top of their News Feed. Who knows… But anyway, HOW AWESOME is that?

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This feature has just been spotted in the wild (I got it while posting something yesterday) and hasn’t been officially announced yet, so we don’t know if it’s something that Facebook is just testing for a few users; or if it’s actually a feature that will be rolled out globally. I absolutely love it though!

Now, users can make their posts even more relevant to specific friends, without mentioning them in the post itself. Mentioning will of course be used for… what it was made for.

What about you? Have you seen this feature?

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