You Can Now Capture And Share Video In Twitter DMs

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Chat is huge nowadays! Messaging apps are some of the most downloaded apps out there, and it seems that every platform is putting a lot of effort into its social chat capabilities. Twitter is no exception. The company is trying to develop features that will encourage people to use its DM capability more. You can now capture and share video from Twitter DMs.

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Last year, Twitter started allowing users to send much longer direct messages on Twitter – then came the ability to send GIFs, which is synonymous with “obligatory” in today’s GIF-obsessed social media crowd. Today, Twitter is going one step further, allowing users to be able to capture and share videos through direct messages on iOS and Android.

The feature might very well be turning Twitter’s DM functionality into a service in itself – the only question is “when will Twitter” be splitting its mobile app in two, just like Facebook had done with Messenger . We all remember that this was only the first step before Facebook turned Messenger into a platform years later. It might not make sense for many of us to have to use a different application for different platform functions, but Facebook has proven that it makes perfect sense – people use platforms for different reasons, so splitting functionality into different apps actually provides a richer experience for users.

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You can get the feature today on both Android and iOS, but you won’t be able to use your webcam to capture video if you’re on the desktop version of Twitter. You can of course still view what you have been sent.

And so, the last question that comes to all of our minds: When will “Twitter DM” become a platform? Right, I am totally copyrighting that!

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