WWF #EndangeredEmoji Invites You To Tweet And Donate

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Twitter might be the best tool to reach out to a maximum of people and ask them to act on something. The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is looking for donations to help save endangered species and for that, they are inviting you to use animal emoji in your tweets.

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#EndangeredEmoji is a set of 17 already existing animal emoji that can be found on iOS and Android. If you choose to participate, you only have to use these emoji in your tweets. 

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To start, simply RT this tweet:

Each #EndangeredEmoji you use on Twitter is worth $0.11 (€0.10) and the WWF will tweet you with your total every month. The tweet will also come with a link to donate.

There’s no obligation to donate of course, and you can still decide to donate more or less. But this campaign is still an amazing drive to help the WWF save endangered species, simply with a few tweets and some 🐘🐢🐯.

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