Will You Marry Me? Pizza Hut Celebrates Leap Day

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Today is Leap Day, and it happens only once every 4 years. In the UK it’s a very special day, as there is a tradition for women to propose to their partners. And this time, Pizza Hut UK decided to help one woman organise a surprise for her boyfriend.

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Women can of course propose to their partner on any day they like, but Leap Day proposals are a fun tradition that  originated from the 5th century AD when St. Brigid of Kildare, an Irish nun, asked for St. Patrick’s  permission for women to ask their partners to marry them. This was supposed to help single women who complained that their suitors were too shy to propose. Or at least that’s what the story says.

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On this Leap Day, Pizza Hut helped Sarah turn her dream into a reality, and worked with her to make her proposal a really special moment. Candidates for the proposal were sourced from social media, with a Facebook post inviting pizza fans to put forward their candidacy, if they were looking to propose on the 29th.

Entrants were asked to express interest by leaving a comment on the posts, and then getting in touch with the Pizza Hut Delivery team with details on their stories. The response was unprecedented, with over 1,200 social interactions with the post. Pizza Hut reviewed all applications, and chose to help Sarah in her plans to propose to Phil.

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The rest is history: Sarah, dressed as a Pizza Hut delivery driver, arrived at her house, surprised Phil and popped the question. Did he say Yes? The answer is in the video.

It’s a very cute and original idea from Pizza Hut UK. The campaign was imagined and produced by Lexis, a London-based agency, with the support of Ogilvy & Mather.

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