Vodafone Romania Livestreams From A Different World

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A brilliant article by Lara Eastburn, written a couple of years back, explained why senior members of our society should be part of our online communities as well. 

It was there, when we were first acquainted with Vodafone’s work in Romania. The communications company had already started bridging the gap between generations, by including grandmas in their campaigns and teaching them how to use technology to enhance their -mostly lonely- lives.

The latest installment in the series revolves around the country’s rich heritage, preserved by elders in the remote area of the Carpathian Mountains. The message? While the Internet can help us connect with the world, it’s sometimes useful to connect with the senior members of society as well, to learn more about ourselves and our cultural wealth.

The execution included a series of Facebook Live videos, where people from the area shared the secrets of their artisanal crafts with the younger generations. The “Live. From Another World” campaign, featuring coat makers, glass artists, painters and many more artisans, drew over 2 million views on the videos, and helped Vodafone do some good, and share the knowledge – apart from selling data plans.

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