Vine Fills Curated ‘For You’ Feed With Vines You’ll Love

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With all the noise out there, the key to higher engagement and a successful presence on all platforms seems to be personalised content and the discovery of this content. One by one, social platforms are starting to add features that make it easier for users to find and consume personalised content. The latest to do so is Vine, with the introduction of a new curated feed.

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This week, Vine announced a new feed called “For You” that will appear at the top of your regular Vine feed, and will feature content that its team thinks is relevant to you. In the announcement API Engineer Luis Tandalla explained that,

Our home feeds on Vine are filled with posts from the accounts we follow across comedy, music, sports and more. The world of entertainment on Vine extends far beyond our home feeds. There’s a ton of great content created by accounts you may not follow, and we’re bringing those posts to you.


It’s not clear how Vine will be choosing the content that it will show you in the new section, but it is curated and personalised by drawing from your historical usage of the app, or other things that you seem to like.

Whether this is something Twitter can monetise at some point, is a good question to answer, but could it spell the beginning of “promoted content” on Vine? Up until now, Vine is ad-free but Twitter isn’t about to force-feed us promoted content. At least not yet. In any case, it’s a good chance to test people’s reactions to personalised content and use that information to optimise.

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For now, it’s a small feature on iOS only but Android will be following soon. You may need to upgrade your Vine app, but even if you’ve already done so, the feature might not work if you not an active user.

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