Twitter Users Can Now Message You Directly From Your Website

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Twitter introduced a new button that allows for visitors of your website to message you directly. Until now, your website’s visitors had to first find your profile on the platform, and then click to message you. Twitter announced the new button in a tweet:

How To Add The Twitter Message Button To Your Website

Don’t worry, it is quite straightforward to add the new Twitter message button to your website. Start by heading to publish.twitter.com and then scroll down to “Or browse your options below.” Then select “Twitter buttons” and choose “Message button.”


Then simply add your Twitter @username and your user ID which you can find here.


Voilà! Now all you have to do is add the code to your website.

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This new feature is 100% aimed at encouraging more people to use Twitter to communicate wth the businesses and brands they like. It makes it easier to start a private conversation with businesses rather than having to @mention them publicly. Of course, for it to work, you will have to accept to receive DMs from anyone, whether a user follows you or not. This can be activated in your account settings.

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