Twitter Scratchreels: GIFs You Can Scratch Back And Forth

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I love GIFs. If an image is worth a thousand words, an animated GIF is worth a million! So much to be said and so many opportunities! One bad thing though. You can’t control them – they just play over and over again, looping into infinity. Until now, that is.

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GIFs have been the standard animated image format since 1987 and it’s time for a change. It’s 2015, and although we’re now able to post GIFs on most social networks, they are the same old GIFs. Twitter is leading a change though, with “Scratchreels” – GIFs that you you can “scratch” back and forth with your finger or your mouse.

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See, Twitter had bought this company called SnappyTV last year, that had found a way to “create and share videos, GIFs and photos from TV and live web streams.”

Twitter has shown off the feature, but we don’t know what will happen for the time-being – what do you think? Are “Scratchreels” the future of GIFs? On Twitter at least? Check it out here!

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