Twitter Rolls Out A New Logged Off Experience

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With over 500 million people visiting it every month, Twitter has become a leading source of information about what is happening around the world. With Periscope, live events are now part of the experience and Twitter has also become the platform where major stories break in first.

As such, Twitter knows that all of this great and important content has to be made available to more people, even if they are not signed in and even if they are not even a user yet.

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So, Twitter is rolling out a new homepage that will make important tweets accessible to everyone, including logged off users, and people who do not have Twitter accounts.

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Twitter’s new homepage will broadcast interesting and important messages, as well as images and videos, without having to sign up; and it is already available to users across 23 countries*.


By offering a great insight on what the Twitter experience is all about, the new homepage will also solve one of Twitter’s biggest issue: the platform might be on the rise, but it still struggles to get new users to be active on its platform. And all the research shows that getting visitors to consume content, is the best way to get them to sign up/in, and stay active on the platform.

Discover More Stories On Mobile Too

Maybe even more significant, Twitter is also launching a similar update on mobile.

 Before today, you could see individual Tweets but it was hard to discover stories and conversations happening on Twitter without signing in. Now, you can check out a news story as it unfolds, dive into the play-by-play discussions around a game, and then come back again to see that exchange between two rappers everyone’s been talking about.


Whether on desktop or mobile, this update is a milestone for Twitter. It is the first time the company takes such good care of people who are not signed in on its platform. And it is a clever move, as this is potentially the best way for Twitter to lure in more people to sign up for an account.

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*Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, the UK and the US

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