Twitter Now Lets You Share High-Quality GIFs

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You love GIFs, right? Your Twitter timeline is full of them, because you find that they are not only funny and let you “say more with less,” but they also happen to be super engaging. Right again?

But here’s the thing. Up until now, you could only share GIFs that were a maximum of 5MB in size. And if you’re like me, that stopped you from sharing the best ones out there.

Rejoice, because Twitter has now expanded the size limit for GIFs, to 15MB!

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It’s great news for users and brands, as we can now share high quality GIFs, from videos for example. High quality GIFs can be great to illustrate product and new features (Facebook and Twitter actually use many GIFs to showcase new features), but also because a GIF is worth 100,000 words (see what I did there?)

Of course, the update comes with its lot of restrictions. For one, it is only available on the desktop version of Twitter, meaning you can still only share lower quality GIFs from your mobile and/or any Twitter client such as TweetDeck, Buffer or Hootsuite… to only name a few. For now, anyway.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

And of course, some are going to abuse it… Although this is kind of cool:

So, people of Twitter, its time to go and GIF away! (mention @WeRSM and we will love you for it)

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