Twitter Is Now Testing Facebook-like Reactions

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As you know Twitter suddenly replaced the fav button with a heart – or “like” – a week or so ago. And of course, it did not take long before that kickstarted an online debate. A week later, it appears that this was a good move, as “likes” have lead to more interactions on the platform. But users are still not 100% happy, so Twitter could be testing multiple ways to react to posts… yes, exactly like Facebook!

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The test was spotted by a Twitter user. @_Ninji is a developer and he is using a hack that forces all features being tested on the platform to be turned on. And this is how he discovered the potential new feature where Twitter replaces the simple “heart” by a variety of “Reactions” emoji.

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Of course that doesn’t go without reminding us of the “reactions” feature Facebook is currently being tested in a few countries around the globe.


That said, @_Ninji says that the feature is not really working yet:

Clicking on on an emoji causes it to disappear and revert to the heart instead.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how after implementing the “Like” button (heart), Twitter could now be looking into further developing its game, in a very similar way to what Facebook has already started doing. Zuck will appreciate it…

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