Twitter Includes Eight Great New SDKs In Fabric

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Last week Twitter announced that it is “weaving” many more services into Fabric – SDKs that will no doubt get developers very excited again about using Twitter’s Mobile Development Platform.

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A total of eight new SDKs are being included into Fabric this time, and a lot of interesting ones. Let’s take a closer look.

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  • – Stripe: The Stripe SDK provides payment infrastructure for apps. You may remember this, but it is being used with Twitter’s Buy Button.
  • – AWS SDK: It stands for “Amazon Web Services” and it is a cloud platform designed for data storage, as well as networking and database management.
  • – Optimizely: It provides A/B testing for apps, making customer experience optimisation much less challenging.
  • – Nuance: Nuance is a dictation service from the company that brought us Dragon. Nuance is a very advanced “natural language” dictation software.
  • – Appsee: An analytics platform that helps developers better understand how users interact with their apps.
  • – GameAnalytics: Another set of analytics tools but specifically geared towards mobile game developers.
  • – Mapbox: A very “customizable mapping, location and direction” service that allows users to create and publish beautiful maps.
  • – PubNub: PunNub allows developers to easily build and scale apps globally.

Since these options already existed out there, Twitter decided to partner up with each company separately to offer the SDKs in Fabric, instead of actually implementing them itself. Smart move. Senior Director of Product at TwitterJeff Seibert explained,

“we recognized it’s not the best use of our time to go and reimplement all these other tools that other great companies have.”

Are you a developer? Do you use Fabric? Are you interested in these new developments?

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