Twitter Gets 72 New Emoji Just In Time For World Emoji Day

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Emoji and social media… one wouldn’t be the same without the other. Yes! Everyone loves emoji and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t ever used one. And now, users on Twitter get to use 72 new ones as part of the release of Unicode 9.0.

Ever wanted to use an Avocado emoji, a Clown emoji? What about a ROFL emoji or the Drooling Face emoji? There are now a total of 167 emoji available if you include the skin tone modifiers in 16 of them.

The full list of emoji available in Twemoji 2.1 are available here.

You can’t manually type in emoji, so you will have to copy them from Emojipedia or Emoji Keyboard and then paste and use them in your Tweets. The update has been rolled out just in time for World Emoji Day and it’s important because now Twitter is the first platform to introduce some new emoji like ROFL for example. Nauseated Face, Lying Face and Drooling Face are others.


Emojis with humans in them – or visible skin – have modifiers for skin tone. Face Palm, Shrug, Selfie, Man Dancing and Pregnant Woman all support modifiers.

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Part of this release is also the Wrestlers emoji… The first emoji showing two people and still supporting skin tones. The same skin tone modifier affects both people in the emoji. The new emoji are supported only on Twitter.com and will be available on TweetDeck soon. Also, they will be available on the Twemoji open source repository.


They won’t show on native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or macOS though. Emoji on these apps are different according to each platform. Both Google and Microsoft have both confirmed support for Unicode 9, but Apple should be updating iOS and macOS with support later on this year.

So… use “responsibly”. Not everyone will be able to see your emoji.

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