Tumblr Lets You Send Posts As Messages

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Last month, Tumblr brought Instant Messaging to the platform, and the community loved it. This time, Tumblr is taking it a step further, now allowing users to send any existing Tumblr post as a message with the in-app messaging feature.

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Tumblr used to be the coolest blogging platform. Then Tumblr became even cooler, when it became the one and only platform that puts GIFs at the centre of everything users do – since last month you can even make your own GIFs, and share them directly on Tumblr.

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But Tumblr was still not a proper social platform. Yes, you could follow users and interact with others, but it is the announcement of its own in-app messaging feature that made Tumblr one of the best social platforms today. And by letting users send each other full posts, Tumblr has got it all: messaging, social connection and more engagement as this new way of sharing posts will in no doubt help users discover more content.

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So looking at your Tumblr, you should now see a new “paper airplane” button on every post. Tapping on it allows you to send that post as a message to your friends.


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