Tiffany Becomes The First Luxury Brand To Invest Heavily On Snapchat

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Luxury brands are not often the type to pioneer in the digital landscape, especially when it comes to platforms like Snapchat. But, this is what Tiffany, the luxury jeweller, has just done by investing over $700,000 in launching a geofilter campaign on the platform.

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Tiffany’s #LoveNotLike branded geofilter is live on all of Tiffany’s 93 stories across the US with the company also investing in video ads on Snapchat to build up its following under the @TiffanyOfficial username. Of course Tiffany also has its own Snapcode for you to start following them:



Why Did Tiffany Choose Snapchat?

Snapchat may at first seem strange for a luxury brand. Snapchat is known to attract a very young audience made of Gen Z (born in 1996 or after) who are less likely to be able to afford shopping at Tiffany. And even if you take Gen Y in to account (users born between 1977 and 1995), this alone would probably not justify the investment. And funny enough, Tiffany chose Twitter to launch its Snapchat campaign:

So why did Tiffany go ahead then? Because they are looking forward: today’s followers may become the next shoppers and recruiting young brand loyalists now would definitely be an advantage for the brand in the longer term.

The #LoveNotLike geofilter is everything you could expect from a branded filter: Tiffany’s logo sits well on top, and every element of the campaign is present, from the turquoise hearts to the tagline “Return to Tiffany Love.” I admit to not being a big fan of the design, but the message is strong.


Will the campaign succeed? Will many customers or future customers embrace the geofilters? It is still very early to say, but the campaign has already had a big impact on Tiffany’s image and how the company communicates about itself, as explained but Diana Hong-Elsey, VP and creative director of global digital marketing for the brand:

It’s a digital-led campaign, but you’ll see most of it on Snapchat. That just proves how we’re focusing in the social space. It’s a really exciting platform for us. It adds another layer to our polished and thought-through editorial on our social channels.”

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