These Bite-Sized Horror Films Are The Best Halloween Campaign In Years

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For now, they’re only a Fox exclusive TV campaign, but these bite-sized horror films by Mars Candy Bars are probably already the best Halloween ads this year.

It’s Halloween season. Brands all over the US (and across the world) are competing fiercely to come up with what will be the best ads for Halloween this year. And although we are still two weeks away, it seems Mars Candy bars may have already won.

In an exclusive deal with Fox, Mars candy brands teamed up with up-and-coming horror directors, to create a series of impactful horror short films. The trick was that all films should fit in Fox’s commercial breaks, and that means that all films should be two minutes or less – not an easy task.

The series counts 12 “Bit Size Horror” films but only four have rolled out so far. Each short film is presented by one of Mars’s many candy brands. “Floor 9.5” – presented by Skittles – has gotten the most attention so far, generating the most Twitter reactions when it first aired.

Personally, I also have a deep affection for “Live bait” – presented by Snickers. Which one will be your favourite?

Skittles “Floor 9.5”

Director: Toby Meakins
Writer: Simon Allen
Stars: Robin Berry, Georgina Campbell, James Cunningham

M&Ms “The Road”

Directors: Jack Bishop, Justin Nijm

Starburst “Replacement”

Director: Christopher Leone
Stars: Jack McGraw, Aidan McGraw

Snickers “Live Bait”

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller, Andrew Laurich
Star: Brian Donahue

What I really love about these ads (that is what we have to call them) is that they are not only beautifully directed short films – they never actually promote the brands. Of course, the intro and outro are there to remind you to buy candy for Halloween. But that’s when candy is most welcome, right?

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