The New Way To Watch Sports On Facebook: 360 Video

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360 video is still very new, but even though not a long time has passed since it was introduced on Facebook, the company is really making leaps and bounds in terms of pushing it through and helping more and more people enjoy it. One of the ways Facebook is doing this is by helping fans watch their favourite sports on 360 video on the platform.

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It has only been a few weeks since Facebook announced that it was launching Facebook Stadium, to allow sports fans to follow and interact with their favourite sports directly on it’s platform, and now, just in the lead up to the Super Bowl, the company is showcasing “new way of looking at sports”.

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Whether it’s seeing a soccer field up-close, or flying down a ski slope, or getting in the boxing ring, 360 video enables athletes, teams, and leagues to give their fans an intimate and exciting viewing experience.

It is a pretty new experience and strange for many when they first try it, but one can now watch 360 video so easily through Facebook, either on their desktop or on their mobile devices. Whether one is just moving their device around in the air to get a 360 view of what’s happening, or using VR technology to immerse themselves in it, 360 video is definitely coming on the scene very fast. We’re even seeing more and more people using more affordable equipment such as the Samsung Gear VR to experience it.

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I am convinced that this will be the way to consume sports in the near future – It may even not be necessary to spend hundreds on tickets to be at a game. One can now just watch it in 360 video. To show us really what Facebook is capable of (or rather what 360 video on Facebook is capable of) the company has shared with us several really cool examples of this.

If these are not enough, head on over to this FB Newsroom post for more.


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