Telegram Supergroups Now Allow Up To 5,000 Users

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Telegram is well-known for it’s group chats – supergroups with up to 1,000 members! Up until now. Because after its latest update, Telegram has brought the number of members in a supergroup up to 5,000 members, and has made a few other upgrades that I will discuss below.

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Created by the founders of VK, Telegram is huge! With over 100m MAUs currently and over 350,000 new ones each day, it is a serious contender to other messaging apps. And its encrypted! One of the major features on Telegram are supergroups – or group chats with up to 1,000 users. With its latest update, that number has gone up to 5,000 users. Not bad at all!

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Additionally, admins of supergroups can “now inform all members about important news using pinned messages”. Pretty straightforward really – They are messages that are shown on top of the chat screen. Members of a group get a notification of a pinned message whether they have muted the conversation or not. So, this is of course a great way to make announcements to a huge amount of people.




Also, as of last week, supergroups can get their own web URL, allowing them to be public and can be joined by anyone who has their link. To post, users of course have to become members. In order to stop spammers the company has also introduced some powerful tools for admins. Admins can now delete a message from any user, as well as report or block them.




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What you will find, is that these new features only work on supergroups. However, admins can convert a group into a supergroup if they deem it necessary. Finally, public groups are only available in Europe and America at the moment, and are being rolled out gradually across the globe.

Theye “are currently not available in several countries in Asia” as significant spam activity was detected from them in the past.

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